Friday, January 22, 2016

Stacy Dash and other shit I gotta rant about.

It's only the first month of 2016 and there has already been a year's worth of fuckery. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing a whole shit load of rambling; I graciously apologize; it's just, Ugh. I am so fed up with Amurica right now. Like, seriously, this country is filled with a bunch of idiots. I think I should just run my list of shit down and rant. Stacy Dash AKA Dionne from Clueless: So every 4.5 months Ms. Dame Dash's cousin pops on the Republican scene spouting off some anti-negro nonsense and rubbing elbows with Bill O'Reilly and Sarah Palin. Recently, she made some remarks about how if Blacks want to get rid of segregation they should get rid of BET, The Bet Awards and all things labelled "black" (I'm paraphrasing). Next thing you know, all the coloreds of the interwebs had a field day. Starting the 2016 race draft and trading her for Gary Owen and Adele. A lot of people referred to her as a "Coon" (that's the new Hotep movement's favorite word. Well one of them. King/Queen come a close second) and said she is a sell out yada yada. Look man, I get that what she said isn't popular among black people, BUT she has every right to feel the way she feels. Every time a black person says something that does not go with what the majority thinks people lose their fuckin minds and get ready to lync...uhh disown a nigga. This makes me think about how we are always trying to get the rest of the world to see that we are not all one homogenized group and don't all think, look and act alike. If we can get upset when white people group us all into one group, how can we not get mad at ourselves for lumping us all into one group? Had she said what she said on a black owned news station would there have been less backlash? I doubt she would have even had a black outlet to speak on the subject anyways. Which is sad. I think that a lot of media outlets for black people are basically geared towards one voice and one voice only and black people like Ms.Dame Dash's cousin don't fit that voice. Sure her opinion isn't a popular opinion but she has a right to have that opinion and I honestly believe that there are probably tons of other black people (Bill Cosby is one of those people that I'm 1000% sure agrees with every got damn thing she said) with the same opinion that don't have the same outlets to voice those opinions. Maybe the issue isn't Girl Dame Dash's thoughts on blacks but the fact that there isn't a network or networks for black conservatives. I digress. That leads me to Donald Trump. I think he is funny. I think he is legit trolling Amurrica. I think it's a Obama's way of punkin's all the lil punk ass racist ass bitches that tried to play him his whole presidency. Trump is gonna win and Ashton is gonna pop out and say "YOU JUST GOT PUNK'D" and Obama's gonna be like "fuck ya'll niggas" and drop the mic. R Kelly and his GQ article. Yo fuck R Kelly. Like foreal. This nigga won't admit to being a pedophile but won't deny it. Why? Cuz he's a gross ass pedo that got away with it and probably still get's away with it. Why? Cuz niggas don't care bout that shit. Niggas will legit have a pedophile ass family member chillin in their house with their fuckin kids and be cool with it cuz "aye he ain't never touched my kids". There are grown ass adults justifying their support of Robert saying "he was found innocent" or "only God can judge him". 1, being found not guilty to a crime does not equate innocence bruh. Just means there was insufficient evidence for a guilty verdict. 2, God is not the only one who can judge you. That's why we have courts and contests and dating websites. You get judged every fuckin day just for doing mundane shit. So using God as an excuse as to why we should't hold a grown ass man accountable for fucking and pissing on a child is a crock of shit.
Mind you, this nasty fuck recorded the shit so he could watch it at a later date and time. But yea, he gets a pass for creating increasingly shitty music year after year for you thirsty ass pedo approvers. Bill Cosby and Charlie Sheen memes. I hate these memes. I hate the people that post them with pride even more. These are usually people that only get their news from Facebook or Instagram. Stop it. A man accused of raping/sexually assualting women is not the same as a man having consensual sex with a woman. Having HIV and having unprotected sex with a person is basically the same as not having HIV and having unprotected sex. Or having HIV and not knowing it and having unprotected sex. When you agree to have unprotected sex with anybody you are basically agreeing to catching whatever they have whether that's HIV or a child. That is not rape. That's just how sex works. It's a gamble every fuckin time. HIV is not assault with a deadly weapon. It's a virus. You know what else is a virus? HPV. That shit causes cancer. You know how many people have HPV? Damn near all of us. Maybe you should make a meme comparing Bill Cosby to everybody since we are all out here possibly giving women uterine cancer. That seems about as comparable as the Charlie Sheen one. I'm not saying Charlie is right for having raw sex will HIV+ but that doesn't make him a rapist. That makes him and his sex partners irresponsible. As far as Charlie Sheen still working and not having a smear campaign. Do you niggas not remember his whole fuckin life since 1991? His whole life has been a smear campaign. He was a walking meme. Nobody wanted to work with him and still nobody wants to work with him. His shows are still on air because...he's not a fuckin rapist. There is no justification on removing his shows from tv other than they suck. Cosby's shows were removed because he likes to have sex with inebriated women. That's an actual criminal act bruh. There's other shit about that whole Bill Cosby thing I don't even feel like getting into because my brain cells have been hurting trying to argue with people about the whole legacy and privilege thing. (Let's just say he got away with doing that shit cuz of his privilege) #blackgirlmagic Yo fuck anybody that has an issue with black girls wanting to love and appreciate themselves. I might not use the hashtag but I for damn sure won't disapprove of it. Every single day there is somebody telling black women and girls that they walk, talk, look and sound ugly. We are bombarded with images of non-black women looking more and more like the women they look down upon but the moment black girls own what others are trying to be, we get bashed. Why is it so offensive for black women to want to love themselves? Have you ever put yourselves into the shoes of a black girl? I bet you'd hate every moment of it. It's hard being a woman but its 10x harder being a black woman. So please let us have our hashtag. Thanks and god bless. I think that's about it for now. It's not tho. But my kid has to do a report so whatevz.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Just a check in...

Well damn! Its been almost 2 years since I last bloggeded. That's a major feat for me seeing how I always have so much to say but so few words to use. Anyways, since I will now be working 3rd shift and will need something to keep me occupied for almost 9 hours, I figured I might as well get back on my blog shit. I don't have anything to blog about yet, just checking in. I'm sure that will change in a few hours. Til then, TTYL.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New FUCKbook!!

So the Facebook guy decided to make some new improvements to stalkbook. He also decided to have a press conference about the whole thing. First off let me say how much I think creepbook is annoying the hell out of me. I do not care who commented on whose status, nor do I care about who is friends with who. I truly don't care about that bullshit. But yet facebook has once again managed to make my whole fucking life available to whomever knows the people that know me. They don't even have to be my friend to know what my fb statuses are. Why? Because all they have to do is check the right hand side of their page and see what our mutual friend wrote on my status. Fuckin neat right? FUCK YOU! Not only that, I got FB suggesting I should be friends with pedophiles simply because some of my mutual friends are friends with a pedophile. No way bro. NOT INTERESTED. Hows about this Facebook, hows about you not make any suggestions for me and let me make those decisions for myself. If I wanted to tag somebody in my pics, I know how to do that. I'm not a retard. I've been making profile pages since I was 15 and joining yahoo chatroom gangs (if you've never done that, you are a loser lol). I don't need your help bro.

I know I sound like a lil spoiled brat, but I just don't care about half the shit people post on Facebook. I really don't. People put too much personal shit on there like we truly care about what you're smoking or drinking tonight or how much you hate your boyfriend or girlfriend. WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Well at least I don't. If it wasn't for my grandmothers and other family members I would get rid of Facebook all together. Facebook should take a hint from twitter and allow people to only say shit in 120 characters or less. You can only get out so much dumb shit when you are only allowed so much space. Just sayin. So with that being said, I am going to go tweet something awesome about how Facebook sucks and how I want the "old" Facebook back lol.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My natural hairs.

So I don't know if I've blogged about me going damn near bald to embrace my nappiness yet, but I'm blogging about it now.

Back August of last year I decided that I wanted to go natural. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means that I wanted to stop using relaxers to achieve the straightened look on my hair. The reason for the decision was because while I was pregnant I didn't relax my hair and I could see how much my hair had grown in its natural state. Well because I was so accustomed to relaxing my hair as soon as I got the chance to get that lye up in my hair, I jumped at it. Not even 2 weeks after I gave birth I relaxed my hair. A few days later I made the decision to go natural. I got on the youtubes (as the kids say it) and watched hours upon hours of videos of women making that transition into being natural.

I assumed that going natural would be a quick and easy thing because....well just because I thought it would be....

Let me give you a little background on me and my hair. My first relaxer came when I was about 7 or 8, I hated every moment of it. I remember that evil bitch who put it in leaving it in way to fucking long and burning my ears and scalp. Every 6 weeks or so it was back to the store for some Just For Me. Around age 8 my hair began to break off in clumps and I would have bald spots in the middle and back of my head. My mom decided to take me to the salon and get a Jheri Curl to, I guess, even my hair out. Let me tell you that was the worst 2 years of my life. I got my first weave at age 10, at this point my hair was falling out even more, but who cares because I had a fake ponytail now so none of the kids could make fun of my bald spots.
During middle school my hair would have its stages of being healthy and then breaking off. Once I hit high school, nobody (and I mean NOBODY) ever saw my real hair. NEVER!! So from 1997 to 2010 nobody had ever seen my real hair except my mom and whoever it was that did my hair.

Yeaaa so about this natural thing.... the first month I wore a wig because I couldn't even think about somebody seeing my natural hair. NO FUCKIN WAY DUDE! During that month, all I did was watch youtube. All these videos about chicks cutting their hair off and just going into the world all willy nilly and what not. I knew for a fact I was not about to walk the streets semi-hair naked. Nope, not me son. In November I cut all the relaxer out of my hair pretty much down to the scalp. Still rocking my wigs, I didn't tell anybody. With the encouragement from my mother and boyfriend, I decided to just go to work one day without the wig and be my newly short haired self. I got the typical "Oh My God you cut your hair?" comments, but nothing negative. From then on I have yet to put any weave or relaxer in my hair and I actually think my self esteem has gone up just a smidge. My hair is a lot healthier than it was when I would relax it. Its still not at the length where I can actually pull off any styles. Well, I can't really do hair anyways so I guess I will never be at that point lol.

I've also noticed that a lot of black women in commercial these days tend to be more natural girls than processed chicks with half a head of Indian baby hair. The movement is alive and well and I love it lol. I wish more black women and other women of color could embrace this because I think they would definitely love the results of healthy unprocessed hair. Either way, I can say that I am now part of that natural girl bandwagon and make to plans to fall off.

Ew I ain't black!!!

My lovely 3 year old nephew is in town for a few weeks and as always he has said something that his awesome mommmy has taught him. "Ew, black is ugly. I ain't black".

Now let me tell you what caused him to say this. I put the tv on Yo Gabba Gabba for him and I said how I love DJ Lance Rock. Well my nephew told me that DJ Lance was black, and I told him so was he as well as my daughter and myself. He had a fit. "I AIN'T BLACK, I'M PUERTO RICAN!!!!". I reassured him that, yes, you are Puerto Rican, but you are also black because your daddy is black. "No black is ugly. I don't want to be black".

I can remember when his lovely non-bipolar mom was knocked up would discuss with my brother how she better not give birth to a dark skinned baby or a baby with nappy hair. She wanted to have a baby that didn't look black. I mean that's kind of a dumb ass statement seeing how she chose to go raw with my brother who is nowhere near being light. I have met many of spanish women that only dated black men that would say things like that all the time. I don't understand the logic behind it. You don't want a black child but you increase your odds of giving birth to one because you only sleep with black men. What makes it worse is the fact that the hatred is being passed down to their children, but now it has turned into self hatred. At only 3 years old, my nephew considers 1/2 of himself to be disgusting.

A few years back when I was working with middle schoolers there was this young Dominican girl that would cling to me all day. One day she asked me what my nationality was and I told her I was Black American and she was just like "ew, I would keep that to myself". I was kind of shocked she would say that, one because she was darker than I am and two because, who the hell says that? I asked her why would I keep that to myself? I love being black. She said nobody wants to be black and that its nasty. I told her that she was black too, she just spoke Spanish. She became highly upset. Like licherally pissed off that I would insult her like that. No lie, she didn't talk to me for the rest of the week after that.

I don't know if its just the pro-black in me or if I'm just sensitive to things like this, but I honestly feel hurt by situations like this. More hurt with my nephew because I know that as he gets older he is going to have more of the opinions like his mother as opposed to the ones like myself. No matter what I still love him. His mom can go to hell though. LMAO!